SafeTrans - wheelchair-restraint-system
complete systems and accessories

Benefits Quick Secure

  • 4 retractors at the price of a standard system + time saved + convenience
  • 4-fold-fitting with double locking devices + safety
  • metal housing for retractors + product life + protection
  • belt locks from automotive sector large-scale series production + safety
  • series production with automatical sewing machines
  • height-adujustable seat belts + convenience + safety
  • due to aluminium system floor, tested for all common van types, optional use with seats + flexibility
  • constant production monitoring with in-house tension test unit 
  • up to 70 percent more tensile strength compared to competitors.
  • fixed lap belt connections

TÜV test certificate in accordance with ISO 10542 and DIN 75078-2 standards

The illustrations and texts can also contain accessories and special fittings which are not included
in the standard scope of delivery. Subject to changes.


Example of use

example of use